Hiking & drawing in Crete


During the summer I’m working as a trekking guide in the White Mountains of Crete. During the winter months I paint and give lessons of drawing and painting. Why not to mix these two activities together?

That’s my offer: I will bring you in some of the most beautiful places in Crete with all the material to paint and draw and you will benefit from my experience of guiding in this part of Crete and from my experience as a painter, I got graduated from the University of Paris in Fine arts. I think drawing in such situation bring calmness and peace of mind and make enjoy even more the landscapes.

All level are welcome, even beginner, it does not mater if you have never draw in your life, what mater it’s just to do it, we are not in a competition anyway, and you can count on me to give you my advice and few basics rules of drawing that will help you to have satisfactory results.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for further information. I’ll take with me 10 people maximum, the price will be depending of the number of participant.

You should have with you good walking shoes, a hat, a bag with 1,5 liter of water and enough space to carry some painting material and your picnic.


-Material to draw: papers, pens, colors, water colors

Not included:

-Picnic, bus & boat ticket


BOOKING DETAILS: romano.picon@gmail.com

tel: 00306907186907

Website for the drawing session: Monopati Creative-Paths

SOUTH-WEST CRETE (with departure from Chania)

Proposition of excursion 1: (Chania) Paleochora-Lissos-Sougia

Departure in the morning, by foot, towards Sougia from Paleochora (If departure from Chania, local bus to Paleochora at 5:15 am). Stop at the beach of Gialiskari and at the beautiful site of Lissos for a picnic, a swim, and a drawing session. Around 4:00 pm we keep on our way towards Sougia.

( 5/6 hours walk, 15km. If departure from Chania, local bus to Paleochora at 5:15 am. Possibility from Sougia to take a bus for Chania at 6:30pm or a boat for Paleochora at 6:30pm).


Proposition of excursion 2: Chania – Omalos – Samaria Gorges

Departure early in the morning from Chania with local bus at 7:45 am. We’ll have a first drawing session at the entrance of the Gorges, and we’ll wait that most of the people have entered the Gorges before to enter too, like this we’ll have a much more quiet walk.

We’ll make another stop for drawing at the old village of Samaria inside the Gorges and if we have time in Agia Roumeli. At the end of the Gorges we’ll take a boat from Agia Roumeli to Sougia, from where we take our bus to return to Chania.

Picnic in the Gorges. (5/6 hours of walk, bus for Chania at 6:30pm from Sougia)


-Ticket for the local bus & the boat Agia Roumeli- Sougia

-The entrance of the Gorges of Samaria



My proposition: A 3 hours City tour of the old town of Chania (9:00am to 12am), we’ll do 4/5 stops to do some sketches of the most remarkable places (old port, old market, picturesque streets, churches, old district of Chalepa..), and I’ll will tell you about the rich history of the town.

For this tour please contact Diana’s Travel in Chania


And also: Tour around Sougia and Paleochora

Drawing tours between Paleochora and Sougia, passing by Anidri, Gialiskari beach, Lissos, Agia Irini Gorges.

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